JA Solar is one of the main companies that manufacture solar panels globally. The Chinese manufacturer started operations in 2005, and its expansion has been fast – standing out for its patent for PERC technology.

At Otovo, we work with JA Solar for high-quality products with decade-long guarantees, as well as the manufacturer’s solid track record, constant innovation, and commitment to the environment. We’re committed to using monocrystalline modules with PERC technology from JA Solar. But what exactly is the technology that JA Solar patented? Below, we discuss and outline the types of solar panels available.

Unique technology of JA Solar Panels

PERC technology

PERC technology is designed to increase the photovoltaic production of solar panels. This consists of adding a layer that reflects light at the bottom of the solar cells. In this way, the photons (carrying solar energy) that pass through the panel can be used, thus obtaining greater efficiency.

Half-cell technology

In addition to PERC technology, JA Solar manufactures half-cell modules, boasting double the number of cells per module compared to standard modules. This means there are more cells to capture sunlight. Thanks to this, system performance is increased and losses are lower. What’s more, continuous production is ensured if the modules are partially affected by shadows. By being split, only the shaded part will be affected and not all of the panel's performance.

The main ranges of JA Solar solar panels

JA Solar offers a wide range of solar panel models. The manufacturer of solar panels classifies them according to the technology used:

  • Dual component PERC solar panels
  • Half-cell glass solar panels
  • Solar panels with all the unique set of glass
  • Solar panels with double glass components and PERC glass

Dual component PERC

JA Solar offers monocrystalline dual component PERC modules of 60 or 72 solar cells. These are bifacial, with a layer of glass at the bottom of the cells, which allows photovoltaic production on both sides of the panel, although of course the production on the bottom will be less.

Half-cell glass

Another range from JA Solar is the half-cell panels. As we’ve previously mentioned, this technology allows for greater production, ensuring greater performance in shady or dirty conditions on the panel. JA Solar produces monocrystalline and polycrystalline modules with this technology, with 60 and 72 cells.

Unique set of glass

These types of modules do not have half-cell technology, but they do have PERC.

You can choose either polycrystalline or monocrystalline modules, 60 cells or 72.

According to the manufacturer, one of the main characteristics of these modules is that they offer a lower ‘Levelised Cost of Energy’ (LCOE). This indicator measures the total costs generated by a photovoltaic system during its useful life and is divided by the energy produced in the same time range. It provides insight into the cost of power generation.

PERC glass and double glass components

Finally, modules with a double layer of glass and PERC technology have a greater production capacity in situations of low solar irradiation. This range also offers monocrystalline and polycrystalline modules of 60 or 72 solar cells.

JA Solar solar panels: our commitment

At Otovo, we’re committed to the following models of JA Solar solar panels:

  • JA Solar 60S20-380/MR
  • JA Solar JAM54S30-405/MR
    • JAM54S30-400/MR
    • JAM54S30-395/MR
    • JAM54S30-390/MR
    • JAM54S30-385/MR
    • JAM54S30-380/MR

JA Solar 60S20-380/MR

The JAM60S20 model, a monocrystalline module with 60 cells (120, counting the fact that they are divided into two halves) has a power of 380W. This has the PERC and half-cell technologies, which leads to a superior optimisation of the energy production and ensures a lower LCOE.

JA Solar JAM54S30-405/MR and maximum power variants

The JAM54S30 395-420/MR series are a range of half-cell modules offering higher power output, as well as the following benefits:

  • Reduced shading effect on the generation of energy
  • Enhanced tolerance for mechanical loading
  • Lower LCOE

Why do we work with JA Solar?

At Otovo, we’re constantly looking for the best manufacturers and the latest technologies.

We rely on JA Solar because:

  • It’s a company with a long history and proven solvency. This ensures they can meet the guarantees they offer.
  • They constantly innovate – for example, PERC technology.
  • They have a strong social and environmental commitment.

Start your solar journey today

Guarantees of JA solar panels

JA Solar offers 12-year guarantees on their solar panels. Although it’s not the manufacturer with the best guarantees for solar panels of the manufacturers with which we work, it should be noted that it’s superior to many others in the industry, which do not exceed 10 years. In addition, they offer a 25-year production guarantee.

Other manufacturers we work with

In addition to JA Solar, in Otovo we also work with the manufacturers of solar panels SunPower, LONGiSolar and Trina Solar.

SunPower appeared on the market in 1985 and since then its growth has been rapid and continuous. The American company is considered a very high-end line within the photovoltaic industry. LONGiSolar is a brand of Chinese origin that has cutting-edge technology and is positioned as one of the largest manufacturers of solar panels in the world. Finally, Trina Solar is also a company of Chinese origin that has expanded rapidly around the world, now having a presence in more than 100 countries.

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