Save on your electricity bill with solar energy

Join 11,000+ happy customers who took control of their energy spending.


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Slash your electricity costs and help the environment

Sustainable solar energy saves you money and helps save the planet.

Otovo guarantees the best quality solar panels and installation for your roof.

How it works

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    It’s tailor-made for your roof

    We position solar panels so that they make maximum use of sunlight, and you enjoy maximum reductions in your power bills

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    It’s a deal that’s right for you

    There is no ‘standard’ Otovo installation. It will be one that’s perfect for your home, your budget and your schedule.

  • We install and connect

    We take care of the entire process and paperwork before, during and after installation. You can track progress at your Otovo dashboard.

  • You enjoy free electricity for decades

    And you can sell any electricity you don’t use to the national grid. Welcome to the future!

Otovo is making household solar energy do-able

We make buying and installing solar systems in the UK easy and affordable, helping drive the change to renewable energy.

We run a network of reliable local installers, all of them certified by the organisations that oversee consumer protection in our industry.

With our technology, we assess the potential of your home and guide you towards your ideal
solar energy and storage solution.

Join 11,000+ happy customers across Europe

In 2016, Otovo became a market leader in residential solar energy systems in Norway. Since
then, we have sold and installed over 11,000 of those systems in 7 countries in Europe.

The UK is next! We can't wait to help people like you get affordable, environmentally friendly electricity.

Otovo is now a company listed on Euronext Growth.

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The advantages of installing a solar energy system:

  • Reduce energy costs - with solar panels you can generate your own energy

  • Guard against soaring prices – the more energy-independent you are, the less you’re at the mercy of the market. 

  • Protects the environment - solar panels produce electricity without polluting.

Why choose Otovo to make all this happen?

  • We offer you a fair price on the market. We compare quotes from our partners in your area and select the installer who quoted the most competitive price.

  • We only select the highest quality products for installation.

  • We give a 5-year warranty for installations, not just the 3 years required by law.

  • We offer continuous support to our customers to ensure your maximum satisfaction.

  • We take care of all the formalities. You get a solar energy system that’s good to go as soon as it’s installed.

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