Who are the best solar panel installers in the United Kingdom? To answer this question and to help you choose wisely, we have prepared a list of the top 5 PV installation companies, taking into account various criteria.

According to data provided by the MCS DataDashboard,since 2009, there have been 1.5 million certified solar panel installations, and 3,477 solar PV installers have become MCS certified, in the United Kingdom.

This data demonstrates two important points. First, solar energy is gaining in popularity in the UK once more as a solution to reduce electricity bills. Second, the number of solar panel installers is significant and continues to grow. It is only natural, then, that many people are searching for rankings to help choose the best solar panel installers in the United Kingdom, from this very long list.

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Criteria we have taken into account

To prepare our list, we have analysed different aspects that are important to consider when evaluating different solar companies and their offers. We have considered the following aspects:

  • Years in business: How much experience does the company have in installing solar panel systems?
  • Google My Business and Trustpilot Reviews: What are customers saying about the quality of their PV installations, both in terms of technical installation and customer experience? Reviews were checked in May 2024, and we will update them periodically.
  • MCS Certified: Has the installation company achieved Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) certification?
  • Warranties: What is the warranty duration offered?
  • Products and services offered: What types of products and solar energy-related services do they offer?
  • Financing options: What payment options are available for PV installations? Are there financing options for those unable to afford a direct purchase or those who would not like to part with savings in that way?

These criteria have enabled us to select five solar panel installers operating in the United Kingdom, providing an attractive option for those interested in investing in solar panel energy with warranties.

Top solar panels installers in the UK: our ranking

Basic info + products and services offered

Company name Year of foundation Products or services offered
Otovo 2016 PV installation with or without battery storage including inverters and with the possibility to include EV chargers
South Scotland Solar 2021 Solar panel installation, battery storage
Ecocetera 1998 PV installation, battery storage, EV chargers, smart homes, inverters
SIW Eco Energy 2008 Solar PV, battery storage, heat pump and biomass renewable energy systems
Atlantic Renewables 2011 Solar PV installations, EV charging, solar battery storage, solar repair, solar farm, voltage optimisation, micro inverters

Reviews and ratings

Company name GoogleMyBusiness Reviews TrustPilot Reviews
Otovo 4.3 4.5
South Scotland Solar 5.0 Not rated
Ecocetera 5.0 3.8
SIW Eco Energy 5.0 Not rated
Atlantic Renewables 5.0 4.1

Warranties, Financing options and Areas covered

Company name Warranties Financing options Areas covered
Otovo 20 years PV products AND workmanship(subscription), 5 years (direct purchase), up to 30 year performance output, 25 year manufacturer´s warranty on panels Solar subscription, Loan, Direct purchase Nationwide with a wide net of local certified installers
South Scotland Solar Manfuacturer´s guarantees Direct purchase Scotland
Ecocetera Not rated Direct purchase Bristol (South-West)
SIW Eco Energy Year-round support for customers Direct purchase Wales
Atlantic Renewables Standard 25 manufacturer’s warranty for solar panels, 5-year workmanship warranty Direct purchase Manchester, Cheshire and throughout the North West

The best solar panel installers in the UK: more info about the companies

Otovo Limited

MCS Certification Number: NAP-68470

Founded in 2016, Otovo offers high-quality solar installations nationwide, boasting an extensive network of local certified installers. The commercial offer includes solar panels (including inverter) with optional battery storage, as well as other products such as EV chargers and soon HEMS (Home Management Energy Systems). All systems are turnkey and include full installation and related costs such as scaffolding.

Otovo offers industry leading warranty times. For their subscription a full lifetime warranty for the subscription term is included–twenty years for PV and ten years for any batteries. This includes products and workmanship–if your panel cracks in year 18 call Otovo who will replace it. When your inverter needs replacing sometime after year ten Otovo will replace it.

For buy now customers Otovo offer an extended five year workmanship warranty (two years is industry standard) and Otovo uniquely offer a matching five year warranty for products meaning you can avoid manufacturer claims and managing a claim process. Subscribe to Own is an excellent choice to have solar panels installed without any initial cost.

What we like: the unique solar subscription option, which allows customers to harness solar energy and savings with no upfront cost. Plus, the personalised offers and a team of experts advising the best solutions to customers.

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South Scotland Solar Ltd

MCS Certification Number: NAP-69293

Founded in 2021, South Scotland Solar operates primarily in the following areas: The Scottish Borders, East Lothian, West Lothian, Midlothian, and Edinburgh. They specialise in providing solar panel installations as well as solar battery storage solutions.

What we like: The quote is directly from an MCS-certified installer.

Ecocetera Ltd

MCS Certification Number: NIC-1483

A Bristol-based company specialising in photovoltaic systems, smart switches, and battery storage solutions. They operate in Bristol and surrounding areas, providing services to both private homes and businesses.

What we like: it's one of the very first renewable energy companies that achieved MCS accreditation back in 2009.

Siw Eco Energy

MCS Certification Number: EPP-32872

A family-run renewable energy company operating in Wales. Their services are aimed at both commercial and individual clients. They specialise in solar panels, heat pumps, and battery storage energy systems. Some of the covered areas are Bridgend, Swansea, and Pembrokeshire.

What we like: they only work with brands that can offer support to end customers as well as installers. Typically manufacturers do not deal directly with consumers. If you’re someone who likes to take control of your own troubleshooting this can be helpful to look for from an installer. 

Atlantic Renewables Ltd

MCS Certification Number: NAP-25459

A Manchester-based solar company specialising in PV installations for companies as well as homeowners. When it comes to the main products and services offered, they include industrial and residential PV installations, solar farms, PV panel repair, roof-integrated solar panels, EV chargers, and solar battery storage. They operate in Manchester, Cheshire, and the North West.

What we like: Longevity of business and strength in commercial solar can indicate past success in residential. 

Who can install solar panels?

Legally in the UK you can self install solar panels . However we strongly recommend using a professionally vetted and certified installer who will be abreast of the current safety regulations and recommendations as well as will be up to date on product hardware variations and specificities. Our first vetting criteria is to always use an MCS certified installer. 

Here's why:

Reasons to choose a professional installer instead of self installing your solar panel system:

  • A solar installation must have been installed by an MCS-certified installer to be eligible to be an MCS certified installation. Most energy suppliers signed up to the Smart Export Guarantee will not allow you to sell the surplus energy generated by your PV installation to the grid via the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) system without MCS certification. Most energy suppliers refuse to operate with a non-certified installation.

  • When installing your own system, if you’re one of the minority of households in the UK that require planning permission, you will need to obtain this from your council just like a professionally installed installation would.

What criteria should you consider when choosing a solar panel installation company?

In order to choose your solar panel company wisely, you should consider not only the cost of solar panels but also the following aspects:


As previously mentioned, it is crucial to select an MCS-certified installer for two reasons: firstly, to ensure the optimal functioning of the PV installation, and secondly, to be able to benefit from all the advantages available only for MCS-certified installations.

If you wish to learn more about the requirements for solar panel installers with whom we collaborate, don't miss our article in which we discuss requirements for solar panel installers. It’s also important that installers have kept up to date on their MCS requirements such as renewing consumer code membership. 

Experience and Previous Installations:

Before making a final decision, request and review examples and pictures of previous installations and review with a qualified electrician. It’s helpful to review pictures of inverter and battery installations with a trusted solar installer to assess quality of installation. This way, you will be able to see the quality of their work first-hand, as well as some of the details of each installation.


Checking reviews from existing clients found on the internet, such as on sites like Trustpilot, Google My Business, or forums, will provide you with insight into the quality of services offered by each installer as well as their customer service before, during, and after an installation. Check for verified reviews which will come from real customers. Consider if an installer installs other types of devices/hardware/materials such as boilers as a solar PV installation can be much more complex and open to variation. 

The Level of Customer Service:

When considering customer service, it's important to analyse both pre-sales and post-sales support. While solar PV installations are low maintenance, it's crucial to select a company you can trust in case of any malfunctions or any questions going forward.

During the pre-sales phase, it's vital to assess if customer advisors are experts in photovoltaics and if their recommendations align with your actual needs, rather than solely focusing on meeting their own sales targets by offering unnecessary additional devices.

Always pay attention to whether the potential installer considers questions related to:

  • Orientation and tilt angle of your roof;
  • Type and quality of your roof;
  • Risk of shading from trees or other buildings;
  • Your household's current and future expected electric energy requirements.
  • Whether you have high electricity usage items in your house such as an EV, electric heating, a heat pump, hot tub, swimming pool etc. 

Compare Prices and Financing Options:

Before selecting your installer, be sure to compare quotes looking at comparable hardware. You should consider the quality and quantity of hardware to compare prices. Not all hardware is the same so you should decide on your design requirements and assess your shortlist based on the same design criteria and against price/warranties/additional features/customer service. 

Another crucial aspect is evaluating financing options. Some solar companies, such as Otovo, offer ways to break down the cost of solar. Otovo offers something different to the commonly known loan, a unique subscribe to own Subscription that aims to get customers to net positive savings from year one.  These financing options are a good solution for those looking to bring forward savings from solar without upfront costs, as well as those who don’t want to use up savings for their solar installation.

Financing options, especially a Subscription, mean customers don’t need to choose between different home improvements such as a heat pump or solar or a kitchen renovation or a loft conversion. Now one canbenefit from solar panels without upfront costs.

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When comparing quotes, pay close attention to:

  • Number of solar panels used.
  • Technical details and information about the brands and models used.
  • Warranties, terms and conditions.

Compare Product Warranties: 

In addition to product quality, it's crucial to check the warranties offered by each installer. Also, review the years of warranty for each financing option. For instance, at Otovo, Subscriptions come with a full lifetime warranty for the term of the subscription, twenty years for PV and ten for batteries. The warranty is 10 years for direct purchases. Understanding these details is essential for making informed decisions.

The Quality of Offered Products:

It's essential that all elements of your solar panel installation (solar panels, inverters, PV battery if included) are durable to avoid potential malfunctions over time. It's also important that the chosen brands adhere to ethical manufacturing standards and are environmentally-friendly, ensuring that your use of renewable energy sources is beneficial for all parties involved.

Expected Longevity

Solar PV systems last a long time, up to 30 years or more. You want to partner with an installer who will be there for you for the bad things that could happen (repairs needed, faulty hardware) but also if you ever want to expand your system or add onto it. The length of a warranty should be considered with the expected stability of a company. Smaller companies tend to have greater business volatility in terms of failure but also pivots to more lucrative business areas.

In solar this can be residential solar installers upgrading their businesses to focus more or solely on commercial. It can also mean the retirement of a very successful business owner or sale of successful business to another business. Larger residential specialists with a focus on solar demonstrate expected longevity in the field. They also tend to have and maintain strong relationships with manufacturers directly meaning any troubleshooting issues get to resolution faster.  

What type of companies should you avoid?

How to detect an unreliable solar panel company? Common indicators include:

  • Lack of information about essential certificates.
  • Obfuscation of lack of essential certificates or deliberate misleading by using a similar business name or same address as a properly registered business
  • Lack of transparency regarding warranties.
  • Use of poorer-quality materials.
  • Limited financing options.
  • Lack of appropriate technology and or expertise to survey your roof in the design process; this can lead to price increases in the planning phase
  • Business owners who have had previously dissolved businesses, often with very similar names
  • Extremely cheap prices coupled with deposit requirements. A common technique by unscrupulous installers is the classic offering of a too good to be true offer, coupled with a deposit. The deposit is given and service never comes or comes at a very low and slow pace.

Consider reviews and the company’s response to negative reviews. Negative online reviews may signal potential issues, however it's important to consider the context of the review and any company response. 

Finding the Best Solar Panel Installer Near You

Local installers have the best local architectural knowledge giving great technical expertise. National installers have access to the best hardware and pricing given their buying power. They also have direct access to manufacturers. In addition they tend to be more stable in their business and have the benefit of volume to build a library of experience which all future customers benefit from. 

Reputable companies with a nationwide presence using  a network of local installers are the best of both worlds. This option offers the expertise and warranties of a larger company, combined with the localised knowledge of area-specific conditions provided by a local installer.


We trust that our compilation of the top solar panel installers has been beneficial to you, empowering you to make well-informed decisions for your PV installation.

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