More and more people are looking to rely on renewable energy, with over one million solar PV installations in the UK, and they want to know they can trust the people who install it. At Otovo, we work with numerous solar panel installers across the UK and continue to expand our list of collaborators. This way we manage to lower our prices, by reducing costs such as transportation.

Here, we explain what’s required for a company to become a solar panel installer and our criteria for a collaboration with Otovo. But first, let’s see the main requirements to become a certified solar panel installer.

The requirements for solar panel installers

There are a number of ways a person can become qualified to install solar panels:

  • Apprenticeships. An apprenticeship involves splitting time between working and studying. You get the knowledge and experience of safe solar panel installation on the job, whilst also gaining relevant qualifications.
  • Training through a college course or specialised provider. These courses are normally a mix of theory and practical study.
    Training while on the job. This may happen if someone already works for an electrical company and they diversify into solar panel installation.

Otovo’s solar panel installers

Our experts hire a network of reliable professionals nationwide, collaborating with a vast number of companies all over the UK, and constantly finding new partners to improve our services. By setting up these collaborations instead of having our own installers, we’re able to offer a superior service to our clients across a greater area of the UK. There’s no standard installation — it’ll be the one which best meets your requirements. We compare quotes from our partners in your area, so we can select the solar panel installer who quotes the most competitive price.

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Our installers must:

  • Have the required qualifications and certifications. All our installers are certified by the organisations that oversee consumer protection in the solar industry, such as MSC. We will also check references.
  • Provide the necessary paperwork. This includes a valid company certificate, tax certificate, and insurance certificate.
  • Show examples of previous installations. This shows they’ve got enough experience to complete the jobs required to the highest standard.
  • Complete Otovo’s onboarding process. They receive extensive training on how the collaboration works, and our colleagues make sure the HSE, installation and quality requirements are met. After this, the installers are tested with a series of practical tasks, which are evaluated by one of our engineers.
  • Demonstrate efficiency. Every installer must set up your appointments, keep you up to date on the installation, and provide essential information before, during and after the process.
  • Complete quality work. This includes complying with all regulations and good labour practices, as well as providing a positive experience for you from start to finish. We carry out technical inspections and unannounced third-party inspections of HSE conditions too.

Our installers receive continuous monitoring and are invited to an annual two-day experience-sharing session. This helps us and them learn from each other in order to improve quality and efficiency.

Impeccable management from the moment of the estimate, to delivery (earlier than estimated) and installation. Precise, punctual and very prepared installer.”

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