Harnessing solar power in Norwich

Solar panel technology has come a long way in recent years. No longer just available to a select few, this eco-friendly energy source is now widely obtainable for homeowners looking to reduce both their carbon footprint and their bills.

Solar arrays work by harnessing the natural power of the sun using photovoltaic cells, which soak up the sun’s rays and convert them into usable electricity. Whilst you might think solar panels only work on bright summer days, you can actually gain energy year-round, meaning that you can reduce your reliance on fluctuating energy prices and harmful fossil fuel emissions – a win for both your wallet and the planet. The benefit only increases if you choose to add a battery to your solar panel setup, as you can store electricity for later use.

It can feel daunting to consider installing solar panels at your property, but Otovo is here to help. We connect you with local and vetted suppliers, who work with you to create a custom setup for your home, in line with your space requirements and budget. We’ll look at the best orientation and elevation for your panels too, so that you can be assured you’re getting the most from your solar setup.

On average in Norwich, you can expect to get around 3,853 kWh of energy per year from your solar panels, with generation peaking between April and August. However, you’ll also gain energy in the winter months, meaning a year-round return on your investment.

Monthly output for solar panels in Norwich

If you’re interested in seeing what having solar panels could mean for you, enter your postcode below for a personalised quote. We’ll tell you how much a solar setup is likely to cost, as well as how much you could save on your bills, so you can make the best decision for your home.

The benefits of investing in solar

  • Eco-friendly energy. Fossil fuels are a huge contributor to global warming. Installing solar panels allows you to generate your own renewable, eco-friendly energy, and reduce your carbon footprint. Every household that uses solar energy makes a difference.
  • Reduce reliance on the grid. Relying purely on grid-generated electricity means that you’re susceptible to rising energy prices. Unfortunately, factors such as global conflict or increasing demand can change how much you pay each month. When you generate solar power at home, you use this electricity first, and the grid energy second, meaning that you’re less likely to be negatively impacted by price spikes.
  • Store electricity for later. Whilst not essential, adding a battery to your solar array allows you to benefit from electricity you’ve generated at any time. Not only can you save this power for later, but provided your battery is charged up, you’ll still have energy if there’s a power cut too. In Norwich, adding a battery can mean an average annual saving of £1,100 – £354 more than if you don’t include one.

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How much does it cost for solar panels to be installed?

Since Otovo setups are customised to your property, there’s no single price for solar panels. However, we know that some customers prefer to have an approximate figure to work with before they progress to the quote stage. Below, we’ve given an estimate of what you can expect to pay in Norwich, as well as the average annual output.

Number of standard panels 5 10 15
Kilowatts peak (kWp) 1.9 kWp 4 kWp 5.9 kWp
Annual kWh production 2,000 kWh 4,100 kWh 6,100 kWh
Price without battery £3,511 £5,060 £6,416
Price with battery - £7,802 £9, 272

As well as using electricity you generate in your own home, the Smart Export Guarantee allows you to get paid for any excess energy you sell back to the grid. So even when you’re not at home, your solar panels are working hard to bring you a return on your investment. With a 4 kWp setup, you can expect to save £20,200 over a 25-year period with solar panels in Norwich.

Solar panel installation in Norwich

By choosing Otovo, you can ensure that you’re in safe hands. We have extensive experience of solar panel installations across Europe, and we make sure that each installer meets our strict quality standards, so there are no unwelcome surprises. It’s important to us that our service to you doesn’t stop when your installation is completed, so our price includes:

  • A 5-year warranty
  • Ongoing communication with our team for any queries
  • Access to the Otovo app, so you can closely follow the whole process, and monitor your energy output.

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Areas covered

  • Bowthorpe
  • Catton Grove
  • Crome
  • Eaton
  • Lakenham
  • Mancroft
  • Mile Cross
  • Nelson
  • Sewell
  • Thorpe Hamlet
  • Town Close
  • University division
  • Wensum.

Solar panel FAQs

Are there any government grants for solar panels?

There are currently no purely monetary government grants available from the government. However, in order to support renewable energy, the government has paused VAT on solar panels until March 2027. They estimate that this VAT reduction will save homeowners an average of around £1000 per installation, making now a great time to invest in solar.

Do I need planning permission to install solar panels in Norwich?

Solar panels are generally considered to be a ‘permitted development’, meaning that you don’t need planning permission – which makes things simple. There may be some exceptions if you live in a listed building or conservation area, so if this applies to you, then it might be best to contact your local council to discuss the details.

How do I maximise my energy output?

We’ll work with you to ensure that your solar panels have the best location and orientation at your property, but you can help boost your energy output by keeping your panels in good condition. Modern solar panels have a special coating on them which helps them to stay clean, but if you live in an area with high levels of dust or dirt, you may need to give them a helping hand a few times a year. Unless you’re confident you’ll be safe when working at height, we recommend hiring a professional for this job.

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