Harnessing solar power in Manchester

Solar panels are a clean, efficient way to harness the power of the sun and turn it into usable electricity. With UK households even entitled to sell the energy they don’t use back to the grid and receive payments, it’s no surprise they’re an increasingly popular way for people to cut the costs of electricity.

With Otovo, every solar panel set-up is tailor-made for your roof. You’re likely to achieve maximum kilowatt hours (kWh) achieved between April and August in Manchester, but power is generated all-year round for an average annual production of 4,159 kWh.

monthly energy output from fix-angle PV system

Working with a network of reliable local installers, we position solar panels so that they make maximum use of sunlight, and you can enjoy economical electricity. All installations come with a three-year warranty and we offer continuous support to our customers.

Enter your postcode and we’ll provide you with a quote, including how much it will cost to install solar panels in Manchester and the estimated savings you could benefit from.

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The benefits of investing in solar

  • Solar panels can help you save money on your electricity bills. With soaring energy prices, the chance to cut the costs of electricity is likely to appeal to most homeowners. You can futureproof your spending by generating your own electricity so you won’t be as vulnerable to further price hikes.
  • Using solar power is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Unlike fossil fuels, solar power doesn’t produce greenhouse gases or other pollutants, so it’s an excellent choice for those who want to reduce their impact on the environment. It’s also a renewable source of energy.
  • Solar panels are low maintenance and have a long lifespan. Once installed, you’ll have a system that’s ready to go. There’s limited maintenance requirements for solar panels. They may even increase the value or appeal of your home, especially as concern about climate change is increasing.

How much does it cost for solar panels to be installed?

Although costs will vary depending on the size of your installation and other factors – example, the watt peak (Wp) – this is a general guide for prices in Manchester, along with the annual energy production:

Number of panels 5 10 15
Kilowatts peak (kWp) 2.0 3.9 5.8
Annual kWh production 1700 kWh 3300 kWh 5000 kWh
Price without battery £3,978 £4,817 £6,493
Price with battery - £7,724 £9,020

Solar panels are an investment and it will cost £5,500 on average to get solar panels installed in Manchester. But within 5.8 years, you’ll see a return on your investment. What’s more, every year, on average, households could save £960 (without a battery) or £1,425 (with a battery). Over a 25-year period, the average savings add up, with non-battery systems saving around £24,000, and those with batteries saving a huge £35,625.

At Otovo, we offer the best prices to our customers by collaborating with hundreds of installation companies throughout the country. We offer a local service at a reduced cost and the price includes:

  • All of the materials
  • Installation and labour
  • Registration and legal fees

Solar panel installation in Manchester

If you’d like to take control of your energy spending and enjoy the benefits of generating your own renewable electricity, Otovo can help. All of our solar panel installations are tailor-made for your roof. To do this, we use our technology to assess the potential of your home and guide you towards your ideal solar energy and storage solution. The inclination and orientation of the solar panels is key for maximum production of energy – especially in areas which may have a higher number of overcast days, such as Manchester.

Once you’re happy with our recommendations, we work hard to make your solar journey as smooth as possible, offering:

  • Accredited solar panel installers. All of the local installation companies we partner with are carefully selected, complying with Otovo's quality and safety criteria.
  • A 3-year warranty. Beyond the industry standard, we want to offer peace of mind and continued support to our customers.
  • A smooth process before, during and after installation. You have complete visibility for you to track progress on your Otovo dashboard.

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Areas covered

  • Clayton
  • Ancoats
  • Beswick
  • Moss Side
  • Rusholme
  • Didsbury
  • Fallowfield
  • Ardwick
  • And more

Solar panel FAQs

Is my home suitable for solar panels?

You may feel like your home isn’t suitable for solar panels if you live in a city. But what’s key is the inclination and orientation of the solar panels, so any home can be suitable. When you ask for a quote, you’ll have to input your address which allows us to advise whether solar panels can be installed on your roof.

Are there any planning restrictions for solar panels in Manchester?

You should always contact your local planning department for the most up-to-date information, but solar panels are considered a ‘permitted development’, so you generally don’t need planning permission to have them installed. It’s likely you’ll need permission if you live in a listed building or in a conservation area, though.

How long does installation take?

It usually takes a day or two to have solar panels installed at your house. Some larger jobs will take a little longer, so we can advise more on timelines once we know the size of the system you need.

To calculate the ROI and discover annual profitability, we look at the following factors: installed power, total budget (including VAT), assembly budget, annual network consumption prior to the photovoltaic installation, annual production, percentage of self-consumption of the PV installation, system performance coefficient, percentage of energy poured into the network, average price per kWh, and price / kWh surplus compensation.

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