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At Otovo, we prioritise the quality of the products we sell, which is why our solar batteries undergo a rigorous selection process. This ensures we work with reliable and reputable brands. Our catalogue features the most efficient and technologically advanced models, perfectly suited to the photovoltaic installations we offer. Monthly subscription plans start from £25.
Solar battery Growatt ML33RTA
Growatt Solar Battery Storage
Size: 3.3kWh / 6.5kWh
Depth of Discharge: 93% - 94.5%
Chemistry: Lithium
Type: 1. ML33RTA 2. GBLI6532
Number of Cycles: >6000
Price Range: £1300 - £2250
Product Warranty: 10 years
Solar battery FOX ESS ECS2900 H2
FOX ESS Solar Battery Storage
Size: 5.76kWh - 20.16kWh
Depth of Discharge: 90%
Chemistry: Lithium
Type: ECS2900-H2 / ECS2900-H3 / ECS2900-H4 / ECS2900-H5 / ECS2900-H6 / ECS2900-H7
Number of Cycles: >6000
Price Range: £2000 - £6000
Product Warranty: 10 years

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  • Solar panels with a medal symbol
    Solar battery storage combined with a PV installation is a fantastic option if you want to lower your electricity bills and gain greater energy independence. Additionally, by increasing self-consumption of electricity, you won’t have to worry about sudden fluctuations in electricity prices.
  • A woman writing on her laptop and a lamp close to her
    Solar batteries store surplus energy produced by your PV installation. This way, the energy generated on sunny days and stored in solar batteries can be used when your electricity consumption increases. The result? You buy less energy from the grid and save more.
  • A house with solar panels
    The best option is to set up your solar PV battery storage system simultaneously with your PV installation, but you can also add a solar battery to an existing solar installation. We recommend a personalised analysis to select products that will meet the specific needs of each household.
  • Man and woman looking at a laptop and talking
    We sell high-quality batteries for solar power storage, ensuring that the most efficient and cost-effective models are available. We work with reputable manufacturers who offer a 10-year warranty. We ensure our clients receive the best offer in terms of quality and price.

Happy with our new solar installation and would recommend Otovo to others

We had Otovo install our solar system in Dec 2023, the price was great so we went ahead. The installation went smoothly from start to finish and we’re happy with the results. Only when everything was up and running did Otovo ask for payment (there was no upfront deposit). We’re very happy with our solar installation.
Installation size: 4.73 kWp, 11 Trina Solar panels
Dorking, United Kingdom

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